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Build in June ,2004 , CTRLPA Group devoted to audio equipment trade .It found Guangzhou Haohan Electronic Product Wholesale Department in Sept,2008 , mainly supply for all kinds of domestic profession audio equipment wholesale markets, Through our integrity ,honest , and joint efforts, CTRLPA Group build a good cooperation relationship with lots of famous brands, and won us a lot of worldwide customers from Europe and America, Southeast Asia, , Russia,Hong Kong ,Macao ,Singapore ,Malaysia , India , and etc

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Public broadcasting | public broadcasting system knowledge popularization


The administration of public broadcasting is by using the units themselves within the scope of this unit for the voice of the public ser.... . .

CTRLPA sound waves to disperse system


The world's largest military radio speakers The military radio loudspeaker is located in fujian province xiamen xiang Ann area DaD.... . .

CTRLPA a new generation of professional digital network broadcasting


Digital network public broadcasting system adopts IPAudio technology, audio signal in the form of standard IP packet transmission in.... . .

CTRLPA military audio power the 11th China international exposition of aeronauti


China international aerospace expo is held only by the central government's approval of the People's Republic of China, is the world's.... . .

"Theater Construction Standards" the preparation of the working conference held


On 28 December 2015. The theatre Construction Standards Compilation Group members work conference held in Beijing, 12 compilat.... . .

"saber toothed tiger" Reloaded CTRLPA Assist an evildoer


With the increasingly severe anti-terrorism situation at home and abroad, China's equipment is also increasingly sophisticated.Americ.... . .

"2015 audio industry top ten outstanding brand" campaign, "CTRLPA" won the first


Sponsored by the acoustics meshes of audio industry for "2015 top ten outstanding brand" selection activities, each big sound brand respon.... . .

The governor-general of Canada - CTRLPA amplification experts visiting guangzhou


Autumn ersha island, the cool autumn wind, colorful. The evening of October 23, at the invitation of President xi jinping visit Cana.... . .

Guangdong provincial public security department, the wisdom of transport vehicle


Warm congratulations on July 3, 2015 are provided by our company amplification system of guangdong provincial public security traffic .... . .